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EN - About MDS

The company MDS Business Support Center was established in June 2010 on the basis of over 15 years of experience of the owner Mirella Doluk-Świerczek - an expert in project management, conducting training related to project management, employee development, business consulting and coaching.


Mrs. Mirella Doluk-Świerczek is now an expert in the area of innovation, entrepreneurship and employment, a certified ACC - International Coach Federation. What makes her special is effectiveness in obtaining external sources of financing for development: infrastructure development, technology and human capital.

MDS & EU founds in numbers:


•Over the last three years MDS accomplished written and implemented by ourselves ESF projects in a total amount of 1 521 060 euro and was also involved in projects implemented by other beneficiaries as an cooperative contractors.

•MDS projects target group - 224 teachers and 1,416 students, 60 entities of social integration, 232 employees and volunteers of social integration entities who have received training and advisory support and coaching, 140 disabled, 700 unemployed people over 45 years, 28 people returning to the labor market, NEET young people - 190.

•During that time MDS conducted a total amount of: 8598h of training, 1740h of specialized consultancy, 1938h of career counseling, 1240 coaching sessions, completed vocational training for 200 participants in the projects, 32 internships and what is more important within the framework of project activities all the established indicators were reached.


MDS Centrum Wsparcia Biznesowego
BIURO: ul. Dolnych Wałów 19b,
44-100 Gliwice

tel. 501 501 998